Pikamoon Podcast Episode 5: 3 Billion PIKA Burn & What’s Next

In Episode 5 of the Pikamoon Podcast, co-founders of Pikamoon Conrad (Brock) and Nix dive into the latest and most significant updates in the Pikamoon universe as of June 2024.  

This episode is packed with alpha, including discussions surrounding the monumental $2 billion PIKA token burn, insights into the thriving Pika Army community, and other exciting new developments on the horizon. 

Conrad and Nix also discuss the strategies that have kept Pikamoon resilient amid market fluctuations, reveal details regarding the upcoming Pikamoon Arcade, Pikamoon NFTs, and the growing influence of Pikamoon in the Web3 gaming space. 

Tune in to catch all these updates and more, however if you don’t have time, read our brief overview below!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Massive Token Burn:
    • Over 3 billion PIKA tokens have been permanently burned, significantly reducing PIKA’s supply. This move demonstrates Pikamoon’s commitment to rewarding diamond hands and stabilizing the market.
  2. Community Strength and Growth:
    • Despite market challenges, the Pikamoon community continues to grow and engage actively across various platforms, including Telegram, Reddit, and Discord. The hosts point out the significance of community support in driving the project’s success.
  3. Arcade Games and Beta Updates:
    • Arcade Games are coming sooner than you think! Co-founders share exciting news about the development of the Pikamoon Arcade, as well as ongoing updates to the Beta game. These arcade games will feature monthly prize pools, which will drive player engagement and offer additional earning opportunities within the Pikaverse.
  4. NFT Integration:
    • Introduction of PIKA NFT cards with different rarity levels, which will provide new ways for the community to earn and participate in the game. The episode details the eligibility criteria for these NFTs, and answers some frequently asked questions.
  5. Orbit Cosmos and Development Team:
    • Insights into Orbit Cosmos, the in-house development team behind Pikamoon. The hosts discuss the team’s growth, dedication, and strategic decisions that have positioned Pikamoon as a leading project in the Web3 gaming space.

Episode Time Stamps:

02:15 – Welcome back Pika Army! Introduction to Episode 5.

04:00 – Major market-moving updates and the significance of this episode.

06:10 – Addressing the recent price fluctuations and the pre-sale claim function shutoff.

09:45 – The monumental 3 billion PIKA token burn and its impact.

13:20 – Community resilience amid sell pressure and growth statistics.

17:05 – Sneak peek into the upcoming arcade games and monthly prize pools.

21:40 – Favorite character trailers and community engagement.

25:30 – Detailed breakdown of PIKA NFT cards and earning potential.

29:15 – Introduction to Orbit Cosmos and its role in Pikamoon’s development.

33:00 – Market comparisons with major projects like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

37:20 – The bullish outlook for Ethereum and its positive impact on Pikamoon.

41:50 – Wrapping up with a motivational message for the Pika Army.

Quotable Quotes

  • “Three billion tokens are gone forever. It’s Diamond hands only time, baby!”
  • “These arcade games aren’t going anywhere. We’re taking your feedback, improving them, adding more, and integrating an arcade section in the open world where you can compete and explore.”
  • “You can’t fake the AAA trailers we’ve created.”
  • “Every team member in our Discord and community has been handpicked by Conrad and me to ensure integrity and self-worth without us having to ask.”
  • “Fair play to everyone who’s sold PIKA, but we’re going to make you regret it.”
  • “If you’ve sold now, you’ve sold at the worst possible time.”
  • “Someone offered five grand for a God PIKA NFT. Firstly, that’s way too cheap, and secondly, cheeky guy!”
  • “The Sandbox is trading at 30 times our valuation, which is crazy because the alt season hasn’t even begun yet.”
  • “The Sandbox has 1.1 million Twitter followers compared to our 40,000, but our engagement is 20 times bigger on every post, which is massive.”
  • “You can buy followers, but you can’t buy engagement.”
  • “They’re trying to say they’re sold out every night, but when you turn up to the club, it’s dead. With Pikamoon, we’re not claiming to be a massive club, but there’s energy, vibes, and vision—that’s how cool things start.”
  • “We only want people who are with us for the long term.”
  • “We haven’t been building just since yesterday; we’ve been at it for over a year, through the worst bear market in crypto history.”
  • “Hard work always pays off, 100%.”

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.


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