PIKA pre-sale claims ended with 3 billion unclaimed tokens burned, promoting strong hands in the Pikamoon community.





It’s a shame we had to say goodbye to so many tokens…

However we’re sure PIKA holders won’t mind the supply falling 3 BILLION…

That’s right, a whopping 3 BILLION PIKA tokens have been burned as a result of Presale token claiming ending.

PIKA pre-sale claims ended with 3 billion unclaimed tokens burned, promoting strong hands in the Pikamoon community.

June 21st 2024 is therefore a momentous day in the Pikaverse, as it signals the moment wherein no new tokens can enter the circulating supply.

So with no more fresh selling pressure on the cards, as well as an even more limited PIKA supply on our hands, it’s safe to say that we’ve entered a new stage of PIKA’s evolution.

Better yet, with Orbit Cosmos cooking-up various other Pikaversal developments, summer 2024 is set to be sizzling with anticipation and ever-growing bullishness (not financial advice)…

Read on to see what we’re talking about!

The PIKA Arcade

Our X followers will already be aware of the PIKA Arcade…which as the name suggests, will host various Pikamoon style arcade games.

P2E is always a core pillar of the Pikaverse, which is why whilst serving as minigame placeholders during the lead-up to full launch, the Pikamoon Arcade will being be offering monthly PIKA prize pools for several of its games!

Screenshot of a vibrant jungle-themed running game, featuring a character dodging obstacles and collecting coins on a path.

To get started right away upon launch, ensure your account is ready at http://pikamoon.io/pikahub.

The Pikaverse is Evolving Day By Day

As you should already know, Orbit Cosmos is the force of nature behind the Pikaverse…a software development company that’s now proud to employ over 75 employees, spanning across 9+ development divisions.

As a result of this unilateral vision towards P2E harmony in Dreva (or perhaps chaos), PIKA holders have been treated to character reveal mini trailers in recent weeks, as well as exposure to what their Pikamoon NFT playing cards will look like.

And of course, for all the latest Pikamoon alpha, we have the Founder-hosted PIKA Podcast (new episode coming soon!), as well as an upcoming live AMA!


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