Explanation of Is Pikamoon a scam or legit

Is Pikamoon a Scam Or Legit?

New projects pop up on a daily basis in crypto, and whilst some spark curiosity through their unique offerings, scepticism can also come into play.

Pikamoon is certainly no exception to this, as since the launch of our sell-out Presale, the question of “is Pikamoon a scam” has understandably made the rounds across the crypto sphere.

Of course, Pikamoon is not a scam, which is why this article intends to clear the air on this one…once and for all!

Deep Dive: Is Pikamoon A Scam?

As previously stated, questions and doubts are inevitable when it comes to new crypto projects. Therefore, amid the sell-out Presale and launch of PIKA ($PIKA) across centralised crypto exchanges (CEX), it’s natural to wonder if Pikamoon is the real deal or not. 

After all, no one wants to get caught up in yet another crypto scam…so, grab your Sherlock hat and continue reading to uncover the truth (courtsey of the very horse’s mouth!)

What Is Pikamoon?

pikamoon game characters

Pikamoon is an innovative Pokemon-inspired Web3 Play-to-Earn (P2E) game set in the world of Dreva…which in of itself is a virtual world of the expansive Pikaverse (i.e. the Pikamoon metaverse).

In Dreva, players are tasked with acquiring, training, and evolving the unique creatures in which it homes. As you may have guessed, these are called Pikamoons, which manifest as Ethereum-built non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Players are put to the ultimate test when they enter the Battle Arena, which entails pitting teams of Pikamoons against each other within multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game dynamics. 

When it comes to PIKA, this native token isn’t just a digital currency; it’s the lifeblood of Dreva’s thriving player economy. This is because it’s used within the Pikamoon Marketplace for purchasing Pikamoon NFTs and potion upgrades/boosts… and most importantly, it’s the P2E reward on offer within the Battle Arena. 

You can read more about all things Pikamoon via the Pikamoon Whitepaper.

As of Q3 2024, Pikamoon is in Beta (available on Android and iOS), and has already garnered 20,000+ active gamers thanks to leaderboard rewards and other activity-incentivizing schemes.

Amid this, all 15 billion Presale PIKA tokens sold-out, which was followed by the token launching on Bitget, MEXC, Bitmart, and Uniswap.

More recently, PIKA staking emerged on the PIKA Hub, which as the name suggests, is the digital home for all things PIKA and Pikamoon management. 

Put simply…with all these features and developments, could you imagine a scam going to such lengths?

The Doxxed Development Studio Behind Pikamoon

One of the best ways to judge the credibility of a project is by looking at its team. For example, you should be asking questions such as “are they public or hiding behind pseudonyms?,” or  “what’s their track record so far?”

When it comes to Pikamoon, all three Co-Founders – Brock (Conrad), Kanto (Luke), and Nix – are formidable front-facing public figures. To illustrate this, we can let content do the talking, as you can catch the trio discussing all things Pikamoon (past, present, and future that is), via the Pikamoon Podcast.

Better yet, for behind the scenes access into their lives, you can visit their personal vlog channel, Bullishtube.

And in addition to being transparent, approachable, and actively engaged with the community, Pikamoon’s Co-Founders are also the pioneers behind Orbit Cosmos, their in-house software development and gaming studio. 

In harnessing the untapped technological talent pool of Pakistan, Orbit Cosmos has grown exponentially across its relatively short lifespan, as its multi-story Islamabad office now hosts 70+ employees on a daily basis (and that’s without mentioning its remote workforce). 

Part of this ever-growing team is some of the hottest talent from across the country. For example, lead game producer Shahan Zaidi (check him out on IMDB), has been a keynote speaker at multiple gaming conferences, while lead game developer Gulfam Jadoon has worked on several AAA titles..

Now, if Pikamoon were to be a scam after considering its three doxxed founders and a full-stack development studio at its backing…what an elaborate – and insanely costly – scheme it would be!

Transparency and Roadmap

pikamoon metaverse

Scams usually thrive in the shadows, however Pikamoon operates in the spotlight. 

Of course, this is partly due to the doxxed team mentioned above, however, the fully-accessible Pikamoon Whitepaper also contributes here. This is because it features everything worth knowing in the Pikaverse, such as detailed plans for quarterly updates, feature release forecasts, and community engagement activities.

For example, as laid-out in the project’s initial plans, PIKA staking has now arrived, which offers two distinct options for holders to stake their PIKA tokens. 

Likewise, other milestones include the launch of the PIKA Arcade, the integration of a free-roam, open-world metaverse, the release of a full game trailer, an NFT marketplace, and of course, a full Pikamoon title! For specific timelines and progress updates regarding these developments, you can visit the Pikamoon website and social media channels. 

Community Involvement

Another hallmark of a genuine project is its community. Again, Pikamoon has this in abundance, as through being dubbed the ‘Pika Army,’ the game houses a vibrant and ever-growing community of gamers and investors. 

For instance, the project has an active presence on X with 42k+ followers, Discord with nearly 7.5k+ members, Telegram with 18k+, and Reddit with 1.6k+ members.

Better yet, the prayers of the Pika Army are often answered. For example, when players pointed out that other players may have been messing with the ELO rating within the Pikamoon Beta, the team quickly responded and booted-out suspicious users within 24 hours. Of course, such responsiveness to non-profit-related concerns are nonexistent in scam projects.

In addition, the team actively seeks feedback, holds regular updates, and fosters an environment where members feel valued and heard. On the contrary, a scam avoids such direct interaction to keep scrutiny at bay.

The Fun Factor

Rewards in Pikamoon game

Let’s not forget the essence of Pikamoon – fun! 

At its core, Pikamoon is about creating an enjoyable and rewarding experience for its users – as from engaging gameplay to exciting rewards for top players, everything is designed to keep the fun rolling.

To see this for yourself, just observe the array of capital-intensive and time-consuming developments made by the project thus far – be it via the Pikamoon Beta, or across social media…we’re talking vibrant 3D graphics, 1v1 and multiplayer MOBA battles, Pikamoon NFT character reveals, PIKA staking, the Pikamoon Podcast, and much more!

On the other hand, if Pikamoon were to be a scam, ‘tangible fun’ would rarely be on the agenda, as illicit projects only seek to produce the illusion of fun, in order to garner investment interest. 

Final Verdict

So, is Pikamoon a scam? Well, all evidence points to a resounding NO! 

Therefore, Pikamoon stands out as a legitimate, innovative, and fun blockchain gaming project that’s being taken incredibly seriously by the vast majority of the Web3 space. 

So…the next time you hear someone pose the question, “is Pikamoon a scam?,” you can confidently point them in the direction of this article, as well as the endless evidence that proves its capital-intensive, long-term vision for blockchain gaming stardom!


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