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Pikamoon X Spaces AMA Highlights: Token Plans, Upcoming Arcade Games & MORE!

In a recent X ‘Spaces’ session, Pikamoon co-founders Conrad Lewis, Luke Appleton, and Nix sat down alongside key Orbit Cosmos members to discuss the latest developments in the Pikaverse. 

This included addressing frequently asked questions, explaining future strategies, and of course, dropping some alpha for the Pika Army.

The Orbit Cosmos members featured on the Spaces included:

Biggest Alpha Drops This Episode: 

  • Referrals are optional for claiming PIKA Staking rewards. You can claim your rewards without completing any referrals.
  • Completing referrals helps classify PIKA as a utility token, rather than a security token.
  • Mini arcade games within the Pikamoon Arcade will be completely free to play. Players will also be able to start earning rewards as soon as they begin playing. 
  • Each mini-game will feature its own leaderboard and reward system.
  • ‘Gems’ that you earn in mini arcade games will hold PIKA value, which you will be able to spend or redeem. 
  • The Pikamoon dev team is currently revamping the turn-based battle system, in order to make it completely unique. 
  • Pikamoon will include an endless number of encounters and activities, secret sub-regions in every region, a heavy emphasis on boss fights, and more. 
  • PIKA LP Stakers are still eligible for NFT rewards, even after impermanent loss. 
  • Pikamoon plans to integrate AR & VR after the main game’s release.
  • Chat Bots within the game are coming sooner than you think.
  • A gaming structure is being built which won’t require you to pay gas fees.
  • Pikamoon will eventually be available in multiple languages.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this session:

Pikamoon Metaverse showcasing a futuristic virtual meeting with avatars around a table

The Procedure Behind PIKA Staking Rewards 

Conrad Lewis: “Could you please walk us through the staking rewards procedure and the different routes to maximum rewards?”

Moosa Khalil Toor: “We have two main categories for claiming rewards: activity-based claiming and referrals. Activity-based claiming offers 5-20% claiming rights based on the average locking days of your staked amount. Joining our Discord community unlocks these rewards. The longer you stake, the higher the claiming percentage you get.”

“Referral-based rewards are not mandatory, but offer an acceleration in accessing the rest of your rewards. You have three options: restake your unclaimed rewards, which increases your stake and future rewards after a cool-off period; after a mandatory one-year locking period, you get all your restaked tokens back; or you can complete referral targets to get a higher percentage claiming rights for life. In addition, minigames will soon be another way to earn and maximize rewards through leaderboard activities.”

PIKA Staking Referrals- A System Built For the Prosperity of PIKA

Luke Appleton: “It’s crucial to incentivize community involvement to avoid classification as a security token. By joining Discord, referring others, and playing minigames, users contribute to the ecosystem, preventing negative market impacts. This structure ensures that users give back to Pikamoon, rather than simply farming the token to dump on the market, which would negatively impact the price.”

Reward Integrations Within Pikamoon Game

Conrad Lewis: “How will the rewards tie up with the Pikamoon game later on?”

Moosa Khalil Toor: “Minigames will feature leaderboards with significant rewards. Players will earn gems, which can be redeemed for PIKA tokens or utilized within our ecosystem. These gems will have PIKA value and can be used for various utilities within the game. This integration encourages continuous engagement and rewards participation. Top players on the leaderboards will earn a higher percentage of the reward pools. Activity in minigames will reflect in the claiming rights of your rewards, providing multiple pathways to maximize your benefits.”

The Role of Mini Arcade Games

Conrad Lewis: “What roles will the minigames play in our overall gaming ecosystem?”

Gulfam Jadoon: “Minigames provide quick, engaging experiences and opportunities to earn in-game currencies. They attract diverse players and serve as an introduction to the Pikamoon ecosystem. Minigames are placeholders until the main game is ready, allowing users to engage and earn rewards. These games are absolutely free to play and accessible through our portal or the PIKA HUB.”

Luke Appleton: “Minigames will eventually be integrated into the main game, providing seamless transitions and continuous engagement. We plan to have sections within the open-world Metaverse where players can access these minigames, contributing to the overall gaming experience.”

Exploring the World of Dreva

Conrad Lewis: “Mohammed, could you tell us about the world of Pikamoon?”

Muhammad Khan: “Dreva is a diverse world with six distinct regions, each offering unique gameplay experiences. From lush grasslands to dangerous thunder regions, each area is designed to feel alive, with wild Pikamoons, villages, and other elements. Exploration is highly rewarded, with endless quests and hidden secrets. The world is filled with flora and fauna, and each region has its own characteristics that affect gameplay.”

Conrad Lewis: “What would it be like actually exploring the world of Pikamoon?”

Muhammad Khan: “The world is designed to feel as alive as possible. There are several villages and communities with distinct cultures, ruins of past civilizations, and a lot more to be explored. The dynamic day and night system adds to the challenge, with different creatures and dangers appearing at night. Exploration is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor, with secret areas and boss fights that offer unique loot.”

Talent Acquisition and Office Expansion

Conrad Lewis: “We continuously develop with the best talent in Pakistan, thanks to Jazib (our MD) and the best HR team. Our third office now accommodates up to 200 people, fostering a creative and collaborative environment. This strategy allows us to scale effectively while managing cash flow and ensuring long-term sustainability.”

PIKA’s Proxy Contract and Security

Conrad Lewis: “Why does PIKA have a proxy contract, and will it be changed in the future?”

Moosa Khalil Toor: “Proxy contracts are common for security and flexibility. They are used by many popular projects like USDC and MakerDAO for added security in case of system failures or other unforeseen events to protect the community. Our contract, audited by Hacken, ensures protection against unforeseen blockchain circumstances. We have no plans to change or upgrade it in the future.”

AMA Community Questions

Listener Question: “What are the advantages of holding NFTs, and can they be rented out?”

Luke Appleton: “Yes, absolutely. You will be able to rent out the NFTs. Holding NFTs grants special access to regions and arenas within Pikamoon. These NFTs, exclusive to our presale investors, will never be made again, increasing their value over time. They can also be rented out or sold in the marketplace. These NFTs will be integrated into the game as valuable assets that reflect your progress and experience.”

Moosa Khalil Toor: “These NFTs will act as game assets that evolve over time, increasing in value based on your in-game experience. They will offer multiple utilities within the game, including special access to certain regions and arenas.”

Listener Question: “How do you plan to attract both Web2 and Web3 players?”

Luke Appleton: “Our marketing strategies include targeting key opinion leaders (KOLs), streamers, and gaming publications. We aim to onboard players through diverse campaigns, targeting both Web2 and Web3 communities. We plan to expand our reach to regions like India, Thailand, Nigeria, Spain, and the Philippines, where crypto adoption is high. Collaborations with other games and communities will also help attract a wider audience. We have partnered with over 500 influencers on X and YouTube, and we are reaching out to new regions to grow our community.”

Listener Question: “How does Pikamoon leverage the advantages of both gaming and Web3 technologies to provide a unique user experience?”

Moosa Khalil Toor: “We integrate blockchain elements without disrupting the gaming experience. Players can earn rewards and engage with the ecosystem seamlessly. Our architecture ensures that blockchain transactions do not interfere with gameplay. NFTs in the game have upgradable stats that can be transferred if sold, enhancing the gaming experience. The Gem and XP systems are designed to minimize transaction fees and provide a smooth gaming experience.”

Listener Question: “What are your future plans for Pikamoon?”

Luke Appleton: “Our short-term focus is on launching minigames and closed beta testing for various gameplay modes, including turn-based battles, automated battles, and open-world crafting. We aim to continuously improve and expand the game based on community feedback. Long-term plans include integrating AR and VR systems and exploring new worlds and gameplay features. We are taking it one step at a time, focusing on delivering quality and engaging experiences first.”

Conrad Lewis: “In addition to the minigames and beta testing, we are working on creating new gameplay modes and enhancing the existing ones. We plan to release trailers and sneak peeks regularly to keep the community informed about our progress. Our goal is to build a robust and engaging gaming ecosystem that evolves with the community’s input.”

Spare an hour or so, and listen to the entire discussion below: 

Or for a full transcript of the 67-minute session, visit here.


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