How to buy Pikamoon ($PIKA) on MEXC

How to Buy Pikamoon (PIKA) on MEXC

As the Pikamoon ecosystem continues to expand, more crypto enthusiasts are looking to add Pikamoon (PIKA) tokens to their portfolios. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange that lists PIKA, MEXC offers a seamless platform for doing so. 

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to buy PIKA on MEXC. If you’re new to crypto trading, be sure that the information provided will ensure that you have all the necessary information for purchasing PIKA in a secure and convenient way. 

Let’s get started! 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Pikamoon (PIKA) on MEXC

To purchase $PIKA on MEXC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create and Verify Your MEXC Account

  • Go to the MEXC website or download the MEXC app from official app stores, and sign up to create an account. Here, you’ll have to provide your email or mobile number, and set a password.
  • Next, you need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process by submitting the necessary identification documents. This step is vital for complying with regulatory requirements and unlocking full trading functionalities. 

Follow the screenshots below for a visual representation of where to visit. 

create mexc account
create mexc account 2
create mexc account for PIKA

Step 2: Deposit Funds in Your MEXC Account

Next, You need to deposit USDT (Tether) into your MEXC account, as this is the cryptocurrency that PIKA is traded against on the platform. To do so, follow the instructions below: 

deposit funds to buy pika
deposit funds to buy pika-2
deposit funds to buy pika-3

When you go to the ‘Buy Crypto’ section, you’ll see all the available payment methods in your region.

MEXC generally offers the following four payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card Purchase: This is the easiest way to buy PIKA for new users, as MEXC supports both Visa and MasterCard.
  • P2P/OTC Trading: You can also purchase PIKA directly from other users, through MEXC’s peer-to-peer service. MEXC’s escrow service protects all orders and transactions.
  • Global Bank Transfer: Alternatively, you can instantly deposit USDT via SEPA with no fees, and make a spot trade to purchase PIKA.
  • Third-party Payment: MEXC also offers multiple third-party payment services, including Simplex, Banxa, and Mercuryo that you can use to buy PIKA. 

Step 3: Find the PIKA/USDT Trading Pair

  • Go to the ‘Spot’ market section on the MEXC platform.
  • Search ‘PIKA’ in the search bar and select the ‘PIKA/USDT’ trading pair.
find trading pair
find trading pair-2
find trading pair-3

Note: Make sure you are selecting the correct PIKA token, as there are some unofficial duplicate tokens on MEXC. 

Step 4: Place an Order

To place your order, you have to select one of the following four types on the order page, as seen in the screenshots below: 

  • If you want to buy PIKA at the current market price, select the ‘Market’ order option. Then enter the amount of USDT you wish to spend, and the system will automatically calculate the amount of PIKA you will receive.
  • If you prefer to set a specific price at which you want to buy $PIKA, choose the ‘Limit’ order type. Enter the desired price and the amount of PIKA you want to purchase, and your order will eventually be executed once – or rather, ‘if’ – the market price reaches your set price.
  • A ‘stop limit’ order is a conditional trade where a user sets a ‘stop’ and ‘limit’ price. Once the stop price is reached, the limit order is placed in the order book.
  • An OCO order (One Cancels the Other) allows traders to place two orders simultaneously: a stop limit order and a limit order. When one order is fully or partially filled, the other is automatically cancelled.
place pika order
place pika order-2

Step 5. Confirm and Execute the Trade

Double-check the details of your order, including the amount and price. After that, click on the green ‘Buy PIKA’ button to execute the order. 

Security Tips for Purchasing PIKA on MEXC

Here are some best practices to help you trade Pikamoon (PIKA) on MEXC safely:

  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

As may already be obvious to you, you should activate 2FA (and/or biometric verification) on your MEXC account to add an extra layer of security. This requires a second form of verification, such as a code from an authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator), in addition to your password.

  1. Use a Strong, Unique Password

Always create a strong password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable information like birthdays, mother’s maiden name or other common words.

  1. Secure Your Email Account

Ensure the email account linked to your MEXC account is secure. Use 2FA for your email and never click on any suspicious links. Remember, MEXC will never ask for your password or private keys via email.

  1. Regularly Update Your Security Information

Keep your contact information and security settings up to date. Plus, regularly review your security settings to ensure their robustness.

  1. Withdraw to a Secure Wallet

After purchasing PIKA, consider withdrawing your tokens to a secure wallet, such as a hardware wallet like Ledger, or a reputable software wallet such as Trust Wallet, in order to reduce the risk of online threats. 

  1. Monitor Your Account Regularly

Keep an eye on your account activity and transaction history. Report any suspicious activity to MEXC support immediately.

How to Buy PIKA on MEXC – FAQs

Why should I buy PIKA on MEXC?

MEXC is a reputable and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that supports a wide range of tokens, including PIKA. It offers a secure and efficient platform for trading, making it a great option for purchasing PIKA at current market rates.

What are the fees for buying PIKA on MEXC?

The spot trading fees on MEXC are 0% for makers and 0.1% for takers. Makers place orders that can be matched and executed immediately, whereas takers place orders that don’t match immediately and must wait to be filled.

What are the fees for selling PIKA on MEXC?

MEXC deducts no fee when selling PIKA on its platform, however, PIKA’s smart contract has a 2.5% tax on transfers and sell orders. You can read more about PIKA’s tokenomics in the Pikamoon Whitepaper

Where to Store Your PIKA?

You can keep your $PIKA in your MEXC account wallet, but for safe keeping, consider an external wallet, such as Ledger (hardware wallet) or Metamask (software wallet).


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