The Pikamoon NFT Character Trailer — Heroes Are Forged in Battle


Pikamoon logo with the tagline "Heroes Are Forged in Battle" set against a dark, jungle-themed background

Over 850,000 GameFi enthusiasts have locked eyes with the Pikamoon Open World Teaser Trailer… however it’s now time for our second 3D cinematic instalment.

So without further ado, feast your eyes on the inaugural Pikamoon NFT character unveiling:

Thanks to Barkain (Earth Region 🌏), Slyvolt (Electric Region⚡️), Blazewing (Fire Region🔥), Soarcrow (Air Region💨), Torrentar (Water Region💧), and Dracodillo (Rock Region🪨) for their candid participation.

7-Figure PIKA Staking (The Story So Far)

As you may’ve heard, PIKA Staking commenced on Sunday…

And in the two days following, almost $2 MILLION worth of PIKA was locked-up across the two available staking pools…supply shock officially activated.

When it comes to the two respective staking pools, APYs in the Direct Staking Pool have increased to 20%+, whilst the APY of the LP Staking Pool remains at a whopping 400%.

In turn, the Pikaverse now homes 10,000+ PIKA HODLERS!



As developments on the Ethereum ETF approval front suggest, the crypto market is preparing for the most bullish months of 2024 so far.

And thanks to our 300+ influencer friends spreading the word of PIKA across X and YouTube, PIKA is poised to take a leading position in this next phase of the 2024/2025 bull market.

This also goes without mentioning the relentless efforts of Orbit Cosmos, which, from the comforts of the company’s new 200+ office, are helping push the Pikaverse to new limits each and every day.

The best way to digest all of the ongoing Pikamoon alpha — be it PIKA Staking, the new character unveiling trailer, game roadmap, partnerships, the PIKAHUB, or bull market expansion plans — is via the Pikamoon Podcast.

Episode 4 is OUT NOW… watch it below!


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